Pia Santavirta takes the helm of FVCA

Pia Santavirta takes the helm at FVCA

Pia Santavirta started as Managing Director of the Finnish Venture Capital Association (FVCA) in March. Previously, she was Head of Insurance and Corporate Affairs at the Federation of Finnish Financial Services.

“Private equity investing builds growth during the different life-cycle phases of a company. The sector plays a big role as a builder of new medium-sized growth companies – and that brings growth and jobs that align also with societal goals,” Santavirta describes.

“In fact, the operating conditions of the private equity/venture capital sector and companies must be further developed so the sector can contribute to the advancement of Finland’s competitiveness,” Santavirta notes.

“A shift from a regulation agenda to a growth agenda is really needed both in domestic and EU regulations,” she adds.